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The Benefits of Cross-Training

The Benefits of Cross-Training

December 30, 2022
Article by: USA Ninja Challenge

Should encourage my child to do Cross-Training?

The very short answer is YES!! The benefits of cross-training have been proven time and time again and build better athletes.  


So why should my child be worried about cross-training?

It’s simple, cross-training prevents injuries, boredom and at the same time stimulates skill, agility, and performance.  

According to the professionals at, implementing cross-training in your strength and conditioning regimen may offer several other benefits as well including:

·       Improved cardio endurance - These studies suggest that different types of exercise can lead to different sport-specific adaptations to the heart,creating a more         well-rounded cardiovascular base for exercise and sport

·      Training unused muscle groups - Incorporating various cross-training activities over time could therefore lead to a more well–rounded physique, which can        contribute to an athlete’s overall level of fitness

·      Allowing recovery time - Cross-training can be a useful tool to help athletes recover from their main sport while preventing overuse injuries.

·      Beating boredom- Cross-training can help keep athletes mentally engaged by providing a new activity and breaking up any monotony they may be experiencing

·      Reducing therisk of injury* - Cross-training can be a viable solution to reduce stress on an athlete’s most commonly used muscle groups while still building aerobic        capacity or strength 

       [*Ifyou do become injured, you usually will not have to give up your entire fitnessprogram or interrupt your training routine. You may be able to modify orsubstitute        activities, based on your doctor's suggestions.]


So how do we help our child get more Cross-training?

Encourage them to participate in multiple sports/activities are activities that have a variety of movements.  There are three main components to a great fitness program:

·       Aerobic exercises

·       Strength training

·       Flexibility exercises

When developing a cross-training program for our kids, remember it doesn’t have to be traditional things such as weightlifting, running, or stretching.  It can be bike riding with friend or playing on the playground equipment at school.  Kids like being active, especially when it’s fun.  So, keep the program centered around what your child enjoys!


How can we help?

 Our classes at USA Ninjachallenge provide all 3 aspects of a well-rounded cross-training program.  Ninja has the benefit of cross-training while your child is having a blast.  You child will likely not realize they are cross-training, and the benefits of ninja are not only physical, but mental too.  They will be stronger, have more confidence in themselves as they continue through our rigorous program and build that much need relationship with coaches that can push them beyond their percived limits.


Whatever you end up doing forcross-training, be sure that your child will benefit from being in a well-rounded cross-training program.